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Supporting all new clients and those frustrated hair clients from other hair replacement companies who are not looking after you?

We are pleased to announce that the New Way Hair Restoration Clinic now gives Australian women and men a choice not available to them to date. A choice of procedures and systems designed specifically for the treatment of hair loss conditions. We work with all clients, and specialise in female solutions.

The choices available to women who have some form of hair loss complaint have been scarce indeed. We are one of the few hair loss clinics in Australia that caters for women’s' hair loss. Female hair loss is much more prevalent than is assumed and requires much more subtle solutions than for men.

We use only the safest, non toxic ingredients in all our services, including Herbal Colours which are all Ammonia and Paraben free. This is extremely important in all ladies (and often men’s) hair loss problems, but especially for clients whose immune system has been compromised due to chemo therapy.

New Way Hair Restoration Clinic is located in Brisbane with multiple locations across Australia, including  Sydney, and Melbourne to open soon with fully

  trained and experienced hair loss specialists and a range of options that target all of your hair loss concerns.

Hair loss does more than just steal away your appearance. It robs you of life’s pleasures. We combine both skill and procedures that enable us to solve your concerns in a totally realistic, life enhancing way. Whether your hair loss is Genetic, Oncology related treatment, Alopecia or is Alopecia Totallis we have the solutions to your concerns.

We offer a free private consultation and you will see first – hand the hair solutions on offer. Gone are the days of ill – fitting bulky off the shelf solutions replaced by custom made and designed solutions to eradicate all of your hair loss concerns.

We promise real results and cost effective solutions. With the end result, and your long term relationship in mind.

So contact New Way Hair Restoration Clinic now for a hair loss evaluation and a tailor made solution. Restore your hair, restore your life.

There is a Better Way… Welcome to New Way! 

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