Are You Ready To Move?

You’re simply going to love the way you are treated!

And yes, there is a Better Way than where you are now.

Let me ask you a serious question before you consider switching:

If you are currently a hair replacement or treatment client of another company, are you truly and fully satisfied with the results, how you look, how you are treated, and the money that you have spent?

Perhaps you trusted your current provider’s claims at face value, or perhaps fell into one of the many “blue sky promises” so rampant in this industry.

  • Its time to move from your existing hair replacement and treatment company.
  • We cut in systems purchased online.
  • Time to move to a better way, unrivalled prices and quality.

We will make your hair experience perfect - no exceptions and no excuses

At New Way, what you will not find is a “one size fits all” mindset. Every person, every cranial structure, every strand of hair is as different and unique as the person they belong to.

There is absolutely no way you can purchase something off the web or from a catalogue and expect it to work for you or even fit properly. The same goes for clinics or salons promising you “same day service.” Yes, you will get rush service and your hair will look like it as well.

This is the reason why perhaps you are reading this right now, maybe you have been let down or disappointed by your current hair replacement service provider - and are now seeking someone who knows how to do things right – no exceptions and no excuses.

Your complete, absolute satisfaction if guaranteed

All the talk in the world will not get you the results you want. Promises mean nothing unless they can be relied upon.

So this is what you should do next…

Contact us today for a no-obligation, no pressure private consultation
After you are done, you will know precisely what to expect and what’s more, we will make you this no-nonsense, no quibble guarantee.

Your new experience starts here, and is just a phone call away!

Studio Services

New Way offers our Hair Loss clients the very best in studio services. We are committed to making our clients feel good about themselves, in an atmosphere of innovation and excellence. Our full – service Hair Replacement clinics offer our clients the finest services and hair care products available, including New Way brand name product line.

  • Hair Cut
  • Hair Colour, using only Herb Colours
  • Hair Perm
  • Hair System attachments, tape, bonding, clips
  • Hair system swop over
  • Hair system clean
  • Cut in Non – New Way Hair Systems
  • Scalp Treatment programs
  • Hair wash, Style