Hair Restoration

Individualized Programs that Regrow Your Hair

Hair restoration programsNew Way is committed to helping you achieve a healthier, youthful appearance with products and programs that allow you to successfully regrow the hair you have lost and to retain the hair you still have.

Something completely non-toxic and safe. Without using drugs, chemicals, lotions or surgery.

Our nonsurgical hair restoration and replacement treatments are second to none, but they don’t provide solutions for every type of hair loss. Often, hair regrowth therapy is the only solution that makes sense for certain conditions. If you can grow back your hair or keep your existing hair, don’t you owe it to yourself to explore that solution?

Not all hair loss conditions are the same. Our hair loss treatment experts will meet with you to analyze your own particular hair loss situation and advise you of the best hair regrowth treatment method that is most likely to restore your natural appearance and your self-confidence.

New Way's Hair Regrowth Therapy programs employ a multi-therapeutic approach to solving hair loss in order to achieve the best possible results. Each program is medically safe and proven to regrow lost hair, thicken existing hair and to slow down hair loss.


Topical Hair Regrowth Therapy

New Way offers various hair nutritionals, detoxifiers and rejuvenators that can aid in hair regrowth and prevent additional hair fall out, especially when used in concert with New Way's brand of hair and scalp shampoos, conditioners and high protein treatments. When used in conjunction with our supervised studio programs.

Our trained hair loss counselors are available to assist you in any one of our hair regrowth therapy clinics or over the telephone. To make an appointment at our nearest clinic, or to have a hair loss counselor contact you by phone or email, click one of the buttons below.


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